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10 Things To Do After SLC


June 2, 2016

I have just completed my SLC examination which is the last exam of the school year. It is the special and dreadful examination for all the students. We all students waits to attend the SLC exam and get relief from school life. I hope you all have given your best in this examination. I wish you a best of luck for the result. Eventually, after the exam is over, a sigh of relief is spread to all the SLC attendees. As the exam is over, students get plenty of time to spend their holidays. After SLC one question raises in the mind of all SLC attenders ”What to do in the three months long holiday”. While giving the exams i.e. before the holidays we all dream different things to do in the break. But for most of the students their dream does not comes to reality as it was expected to be. Most of us plan to wake up early, visit new places, meet all friends, do some creative and crazy stuffs but what we do is go to bed late and wake up late, stay idle in home, meet the friends in facebook, vibers etc., lay on the couch, and doze off isn’t it?

If you too have just attended SLC attended and thinking how to spend this holiday wisely, this article can help you somehow in large extent.

Here I have listed some of the points that may help you and here it goes:


The first thing to do on your SLC break is to plan for your future. The college to attend and the course/stream to go for, choose the career you want to pursue. To help with this, you can join for classes like bridge course and entrance examination preparation sessions. Though you are not ready for academy books again but you should try bridge course not only for that it will help you in future but for getting admission in reputed and your favorite college.


Secondly, you should visit the places you wished to. You should try out new things and enjoy the present rather than regretting for not being able to do in the past.


You can volunteer different social programs that are frequently organized in town. You can check out for the activities in the newspapers. Involving yourself in different volunteering activities will boost your confidence level, expose you to different co-curricular activities and improve your socializing and interaction skills with people.

Read some books and watch movies

In this holiday you can read exciting books and watch movies. There are lot of good books and movies that maybe worth for you. Grab a popcorn for yourself and enjoy the movie or books!

Develop Hobbies

In this leisure time, you can pursue your hobby that you had not been able to allocate time to. It is scientifically proven that picking a good and fun filled hobby of your choice can reduce your stress and anxiety.

Fitness of body

You can develop some good habits that will ultimately help you in the long run.  You can take on the habit of going morning walk and doing regular exercises to keep your body fit and healthy.

Recreational activities

Engage yourself in recreational activities like playing, singing, dancing, etc. so that you can enhance your skills and keep yourself engaged. These kind of recreational activities can keep your mind healthy and makes you physically and mentally active.

Apply for internship

You may also apply for some internship opportunities. When you are going to work for free, anyone is willing to hire you a job. In this process, you can also make many friends and learn new skills and develop work-ethics that will help you in the long run and make yourself stand out of the crowd.

Join creative classes

You can also go for some creative classes like art, music, cooking, photography or languages.

Learn driving

Join a driving school and getting a driving license also helps to properly utilize your leisure time. It will be good to start with a scooter or bike and then upgrade to four wheelers since the skill is not hard to pick up if you start at this early age. It will be a good place to spend your money wisely.

By Shravan Luitel

The writer has recently completed his SLC and doing internship at Glocal Khabar.

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