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11 things that annoys a fashion girl !!


10 August, 2015: No doubt a fashion conscious girl tries hard to get along with style. They are surely used to the little of teasing from their friends and family. But there are things that a fashion girl never wants to hear. Here are things that completely annoys a fashion girl;

1. Don’t you ever get tired of shopping? - Honestly, never !!

2. I just went to this new zara store, have you been there? – Ya i heard you !!

3. Won’t you feel cold in that ? - a jacket would ruin my outfit !!

4. Oh I saw the same dress at the nearest store on sale ! - Ughhh…as if !!

5. Hey your closet is all stuffed - clothes full of clothes, nothing to wear

6. Sorry, but that sale ended yesterday! - What???

7. Oops !! the dress sold out just yesterday - No!! Why me ??

8. How can you walk in those heels? - Yes they are painful, don’t  remind me

9. Wait ! are you going out in this?? - Its class !! You’ll never know.

10. Its pronounced lou-is-vitt-on, ok?? - *sigh*

11. I love that- how much did it cost?? - Never reveal it




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