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12 games and 11 Goals; Its “Nawa Yug” by Nawayug Shrestha!


The team which was looking for a win, infact for a single goal in football has now bring home the two title from foreign soils within a month. Doesn’t it sound great?
This is the moment that all Nepali football fans will celebrate forgotting all their major setback. Perhaps, just about few months earlier, no one even had thought of the success of this height.
Nepal have now scored 21 goals in last 10 match ie 2.1 goals per game. And don’t forget that just before that, Nepal was without goals for about 2 years and half. And among these 21 goals, 11 goals belongs to Nawayug Shrestha, who has now become the ideal for every Nepali fans.

Pic Courtesy: eKantipur

Nawayug Shrestha scored goals in unbelievable ratio. He scored 11 goals in his 12 appearances with 3 Hat tricks! He has only 6 caps for the National team and 3 international goals which came from Hatrick against Maldives in Bangabandhu Gold Cup. He was player of the tournament in the Bangabandhu cup along with Highest goal scorer award with 4 goals. Similarly, he was also the highest scorer of recently completed SAG football with 7 goals from 4 games where he scored two Hat tricks.

Some more Introduction
Nawayug is a very talented young
footballer of Nepal. He scored 3 hat-trick in a month during jan-feb
2016. He scored his first international hat-trick against Maldives during semi final of
Bangabandhu Gold Cup which was
held in Bangladesh. He got his
second hat-trick against Bhutan
during SAG 2016. In the same
tournament, he got another hat-
trick against Maldives during the
semi-final of SAG 2016 and also
scored the winning goal against
India in the finals. Also he has been
playing for Nepal Army Club , the
domestic football club of Nepal.

Glocal Sports team wishes Nawayug Sherestha and his team for even more success in future as well!

Article by Anish Lamichhane


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