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12 kms Road Constructed By Locals In Khotang


June 2, 2015: 12 kilometers all seasonal road have been constructed from Chhapdanda to Bataseghat by the folks of Durchhim and nearby areas in Khotang district on their own investment.

With the investment of Rs 5.8 million the locals completed the construction of the road section in two years and have named it ‘Holesung-Janaraj Rai Marga’. Thanking to economic support, dedication, willpower and labour donation of the villagers despite remote geographical location Janakraj Rai, a leading figure in the road construction campaign, said that the dream project came true. Chairman of road users committee Kebal Narayan Rai said that Rai personally donated Rs 1.6 and helped to collect additional Rs 3 million for the noble cause.

The locals of Udayapur and Solukhumbu districts too are directly benefited due to construction of the road. Intellectual Bhogiraj Chamling stated that if a motor-able bridge was constructed over Sunkoshi River this road section would be the shortest route to reach Mt Everest.

Similarly, after the road construction pilgrims’ journey to the holy shrine Halesi Temple has become much easier, executive director of Halesi Mahadevsthan Development Committee Taman Rai said. He added that due the vehicular movement facility in road section there is increade in the number of pilgrims in Halesi Temple.


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