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13,098 People Get Health Services from International Teams


Kathmandu, May 14, 2015: 13, 098 people in Nepal so far have been provided medical services from various international medical teams, mobilized by the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP).

In a press statement by MoHP,  the total 13,098 patients got health services in which 19 per cent of them were quake-hit persons while the remaining were suffering from various other ailments.

Similarly, the teams diagnosed and treated as many as 847 children with pneumonia and 255 down with diarrhea, 354 patients have undergone treatment at the Field Hospital set up by the international medical teams at Chhauni. The medical team also successfully operated surgical operations.

After the tremor in May 12, The Health Ministry has requested to the international team of doctors to continue with their service in their respective stations in the districts hardest hit by huge aftershock.

The necessary relief materials like tarpaulin sheets and medical equipments to the various hospitals has already been deployed by the ministry to make every possible effort to minimize the death toll during the disaster like this.


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