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13th Godavari Flower Expo succesfully held in Lalitpur


October 22, Lalitpur: The 13th Godavari Flower Expo kicked off Friday at Jawalakhel Football Ground in Lalitpur and ended on Monday. The four-day exhibition was organized by the Floriculture Association Nepal (FAN) targeting Tihar, the second biggest festival of Nepal. “Ropera Phool Godavari, Sajau Ghar Aagan Waripari” (Plant Chrysanthemum, decorate your houses, gardens and surroundings) was the slogan for this year’s expo. The motive of Godavari Flower Exhibition is to promote floriculture business and increase the production of flowers in Nepal by creating a competitive environment among the flower entrepreneurs.

The event was inaugurated by the Honorable Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Chakrapani Khanal. “There is good business in the sector of floriculture. But it is not being developed according to our expectations. We need to increase investment and come up with appropriate plans to promote this sector. For the promotion of floriculture, we need concerned bodies in all seven provinces.”-he explained.

There were 44 business stalls, four informative stalls, and a flower competition stall. The stalls also showcased 16 new species of Godavari plant which were brought from different countries as mother plants. Different types of flower with seasonal flowers like Sayapatri (Marigold) and Makhamali (Gomphrena globosa) were also available in the stalls.

At a competition held among nurseries, Samjhana Nursery secured the first position, TPR Miteri Nursery secured second, and TTR Banglamukhi Nursery came third with the cash prizes of Rs. 10,000, Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 4,000, respectively. In miniature category Ajima Nursery and in cut-flower category, Srijana Cut Flower Nursery was awarded. Samjhana Nursery has been awarded in four different categories.

The production of a flower is increasing in Nepal and 88% of the local demand is met by local production. This year for Tihar Nepal will import 200,000 flower garlands from other countries. According to local flower entrepreneurs, the production of flowers is increasing in Nepal due to use of different modern technologies in farming, and most of the people are interested in doing floriculture business due to easy return of investment. The consumption of flowers is highest during the Tihar festivals. Flower is a major ingredient for Tihar. People use flower garlands to decorate their houses during the festivals and also use for different rituals like puja, and to offering deities in temples. So, it is believed this kind of exhibition encourages people in floriculture business and it makes everyone aware that it can be a business to generate income.

Source: The Republica