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147 Got Killed In Kenya University Massacre


Garissa, Kenya, April 2, 2015: Somalia’s Shebab Islamist group has massacred 147 Kenyan students on Thursday. Masked gunmen executed the nations’s fatal attack that was the second deadliest since the 1998 US bombings.

The massacre almost lasted for 16 hours where all four of the gunmen had worn suicide vests loaded with explosives and exploded themselves in huge blasts.

The gunmen attacked the university in the northeastern town of Garissa at dawn when students were sleeping. Throwing grenades and firing automatic rifles, the gunmen shot dozens before letting Muslims free and holding Christians and others hostage.

At least 79 people were wounded in the massacre as per the government,and there exists the fear that number of deaths may still rise.

Interior Minister Joseph Nkaiserry said, ”The four died detonating their suicide vests as soldiers burst in shooting.” Western security sources  also stated that several soldiers and hostages may have died in the final blasts.

Then, the Army Troops continued to search the campus for any possible terrorist until the siege was declared over late on Thursday. The National Disaster Operations Centre said, “It had ended with all four terrorists killed.”

The attack was declared by Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab soldiers. They are the same terrorists who undertook the Westgate shopping mall massacre in Nairobi in September 2013, when four gunmen killed at least 67 people.

According to Shebab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, “The gunmen had taken non-Muslims hostage, and that their mission had been to kill those who are against the Shebab.”


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