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15 Days Added On Simraungadh Event


May 10, 2015: In order to investigate 15 days has been added to parliamentary committee into the Simraungadh incident by the Legislature-Parliament.

The committee at the parliament meeting tabled a proposal to this effect on Saturday. To probe into the Simraungadh incident that took place on October 11, 2014, the parliamentary special committee was formed on October 20, 2014.The committee has so far held 19 meetings coordinated by Atahar Kamal Musalman.

Since it was not appropriate timing to submit report when the entire country has to put all-out efforts for rescue and relief for quake survivors, the meeting endorsed the committee’s request to extend deadline citing.

similarly, during the incident Shah Mahamad Hawari and Prachanda Jayaswal sustained serious injury.


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