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15 Schools Establishes Libraries

15 School Establishes Libraries
15 School Establishes Libraries

Aug 4,2015 Baglung : In Baglung district, fifteen schools established libraries in the last fiscal year with objective to promote quality education. With the financial grant of the District Education Office (DEO), the libraries were established .

For the establishment of the libraries, seven higher secondary schools and eight secondary schools were provided with Rs 100,000 each .

District Education Officer Bishnu Prasad Tiwari said,”Expected achievement in learning is not likely only through the regular textbook knowledge. The libraries were established to widen the knowledge horizon of teachers, students and parents. ”
The libraries would help the students to develop the arts of living, Tiwari hoped.

Laxmi Higher Secondary Schoool at Dhamja, Suntalachaur Higher at Damek, Lekhani Higher Secondary School at Lekhani, Hari Higher Secondary School at Hil, Sarswati Higher Secondary School at Dudilabhati, Janakalyan Higher Secondary School at Chhisti and Tribhuvan Higher Secondary School at Pyaupata and others are the schools getting new libraries.


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