19 Cases Against Rhino Horn Smuggler Praja

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19 Cases Against Rhino Horn Smuggler Praja

Ratnanagar (Chitwan),24 March 2015: Nineteen cases have been filed against Raj Kumar Praja at the Chitwan National Park on charge of his involvement in smuggling rhino horn.

A local of Korak, Chitwan, Praja was remanded to Bharatpur jail on Tuesday as per the directive of CNP Chief, Kamaljung Kuwar.

Some of the cases filed against him are sub-judice while some were finalized, said the CNP sources.

CNP Information Officer Tikaram Poudel said that Praja was accused of poaching 20 rhinos and smuggling horns and attempting to kill five rhinos, among others. He was on the run since 2060 BS and was in the most-wanted list of police.

Praja was arrested in Malaysia and was brought back to Chitwan on February 9 for prosecution.




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