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19 Year Old Invents A Rape Proof Belt


Delhi, 9 January, 2018: Nineteen-year-old Seenu Kumari of Uttar Pradesh, India has made an astounding invention of ‘Rape Proof Belt’.

Belonging to a low-income generating farmer family, Seenu’s rape proof belt aims to prevent the ongoing rampant rape cases in India as well as the world. She has made the belt with a bulletproof cloth. A smart lock, GPRS and recorder are comprised in the belt.  Seenu mentioned that pressing the button of the belt will automatically transfer the call to the police or an emergency number. The GPRS in the belt will help the police track the person’s location. The belt can neither be flamed nor be cut easily and it works on a smart lock cable password.

In an interview with the BBC, she has expressed her desire to enhance the belt through the aid of government. Seenu had invested Rs 4000 to make the belt.

Photo Source: Ratopati