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More than 2000 riders to participate Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge on July 15


Kathmandu, July 12, 2017: The seventh edition of the biggest cycling event in Nepal, the Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge is all set to start on July 15, Saturday. More than 2000 riders are expected to cycle the 50km, 75km and 100km routes around Kathmandu for charity.

The organizers briefed about the details of the challenge at a press-briefing organized today in Kathmandu.

The event also aims to raise 5 lakh rupees for a cause. Since 2011, this event has fundraised over 4.5 million Rs for investment in health and education in the past years in Rukum, Baitadi, Dolakha and Kathmandu.

This year, the challenge has set two goals: bringing cycling tourism into Bungamati and Khokana by supporting the Bungamati Trails Initiative, a local youth led initiative; and bringing more cyclists into the Nepal Cycling Association as members, with an aim to bring in a sense of community and drive more services into the cycling industry

This yearly event is jointly organized by Socialtours, an award-winning tour company, and Cycle City Network Nepal, a youth-led cycling initiative aiming to turn Kathmandu into a cycle city.

The challenge will see three kinds of rides:

1. 50k

This ride is meant for everyone, from novice to experts. And, this is where the participants have the most fun and majority of riders participate.

2. 75k

This ride is meant for more serious riders, who know what they are doing. This is self-serviced, and has at least a 1600m climb.

3. 100k

This ride is for the Pros, and has almost a 3000m climb in total.