21 Including Police Injured in Clash, Situation Still Tense

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21 Including Police Injured in Clash, Situation Still Tense

Garuda (Rautahat), 4 April, 2015 : A total of 21 people, including police persons, have been injured in a clash in Rautahat district today.

Of them, 14 agitators received rubber bullets from the police in course of taming the demonstration which has been demanding compensation to the family of a local, who died after being hit by a vehicle belonging to the Armed Police Force. They have also demanded to declare him a martyr.

With this the situation here is still tense.

Seven police personnel are also injured in the incident.

Those injured with rubber bullets are Jitendra Yadav, Ikramul, Bishwonath Thakur, Baban Patel, among others. They have been receiving treatment at Gaur Hospital, said Dr Prabin Jha.

The five-point demands of the locals also included the formation of a probe committee and stringent action against police personnel violating the human rights.

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