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21st Global Conference “AIRDC Conference 2018” is Happening


Kathmandu, September 26, 2018: The two-day 21st global conference of Association of Insurers and Reinsurers of Developing Countries (AIRDC) is happening in Kathmandu. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Building Financial Resilience- Disaster Risks Financing and Insurance’.

Finance minister, Yubaraj Khatiwada addressed the inaugural session and mentioned, “The climate change provides a lot of shocks to the society,  economy, environment and directly or indirectly influence the insurance business.” President of AIRDC,  Yassir Albaharna added, “The number of risks and problems that member counties of the associations have faced is common and AIRDC is trying to help them to address the problem and discuss on them collectively.” Chairperson of Insurance Board, Chiranjibi Chapagain shared, “The most affected and vulnerable are those having low income and living below poverty lines. Once affected, they cannot come out easily from the consequences of the disaster. Hence, it is our concern to find out insurance solutions to enable the affected people to restore their economic states to their conditions before the event.”

Over 400 delegates are here for discussing the theme in the conference which includes 88 of them from 20 different countries.