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22.1 MW to be added to national grid within a year


Ilam: The three hydropower projects under construction in Mai Khola are expected to add 22.1 megawatts of electricity to the national transmission grid within a year. Mai Beni, Super Mai-A and Super Mai Cascade projects are under construction.

The “Mai Beni Hydropower Project “will generate 9.5 megawatts of electricity and the project has completed 69% of the work. The project manager of Mai Beni, Mr.Rajendra Raj Bharati said the construction of the headbox and installation of the pipes are in the final stages whereas the construction of the tunnel is on schedule.

The “Super Mai Cascade Hydropower Project” plans to complete all construction work by mid-May this year. The project manager of Super Mai, Mr.Manoj Bhurtel said the project was in the final phase of construction of the powerhouse of the 3-megawatt project. The construction of the intake was completed in January and the construction of the powerhouse which began in mid-November is in its final stage. More than 70% of the work has already been completed and all remaining work will be completed in May 2020.

The project manager of Super Mai-A Hydropower Project, Mr.Santosh Karki said the 9.6-megawatt project will start generating electricity within April. Sanima, Jyoti, NCC and Century bank have invested Rs 1.79 billion in the Super Mai-A Hydropower Project which is led by Sagarmatha Hydropower Company. The work was started in mid-February last year and about 80% of the work is completed and to carry out construction work on three kilometres of the 14 kilometres of transmission line which will be added to the Godak Sub-station.

Sanima Mai (29 megawatts), Panchakanya (18 megawatts), Super Mai (7.8 megawatts) and Himal Dolakha Hydropower Project (7.5 megawatts) are already in operation in Mai Khola.

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