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22 Female Students Graduated from CareerPREP Fellowship Cohort II


Kathmandu, January 13, 2018: Twenty two young female students from different educational institutions across the Kathmandu Valley graduated from CareerPREP Fellowship Cohort II, at the Third My Skills My Future Symposium. The program took place at Russian Center for Science and Culture on January 11, 2019. The event intended on bringing together students and leaders from different industry. During the fellowship program, the young females minds were equipped with effective communication, problem solving, critical thinking, team work and business etiquette. The fellowship was executed with the view of bridging the gap between education system and skills needed in the professional life.  This 16-week long fellowship program is designed, facilitated and conducted by industry experts.

“I was very shy before and had lots of communication problem. Because of the lack of confidence and proper communication skills, I had missed so many opportunities. But when I became the CareerPREP fellowship, my confidence level and leadership has immensely increased”, shares Shreya Yadav, one of the Cohort II fellows. At the same time, it has also proved to be a boon for the mentors, too. “Mentoring students provides an opportunity to learn as well. You get the chance t think about the questions that you have never thought of as there are mentees continuously asking the questions”, said Ms. Passang Lhamu Sherpa.

The program was commenced with the panel discussion. Five panelists: Ananda Raj Khanal (Senior Director, Nepal Telecommunications), Bimala Shrestha Pokharel (Founder/CEO at Higher Ground Nepal), Mona Aditya (Alumni Affairs Manager at Teach for Nepal), Lino Ahlering (Country Director at Daraz Pvt. Ltd.), and Chandrayan Shrestha (Principal at Caribbean College) from different sectors shared their views about mentorship and the ongoing trend in the industry sectors moderated by Ms. Santona Malakar, Management Consultant and Associate at Safal Partners. Though they have different views about mentorships and mentoring, they all agreed on the flexibility, adaptability and teach ability to move ahead in the life both personally as well a professionally. “Mentorship cannot be perfect because no humans are perfect. They have limitations, too”, shared Mona Adiitya, one of the panelists. On the other, Ananda Raj Khanal, another panelist, pressured more on the individual’s responsibility rather than mentorships. At the end of the day, you have to take the decision and you have to bear the consequences, he further added.  The panelist also discussed about the collaboration of three sectors: government, academia and the industry to make a healthy ecosystem.

“We have to train the females today so that they can be the leaders in the society and country tomorrow”, said Nanda Kishor Mandal, Founder of the Women Development Advocacy Center.  Young females from low income families who have made their all the way to the universities lack mentorship and consequently employability skills. CareerPREP, is a platform to connect and hone the young female minds and skills to become future leaders, he further added.