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Make way for mini segway!


We must all have those days when we feel lazy and don’t even want to walk. Well, with the flow of time, technology has reached into another level and yet another coolest and newest stuff has been invented that everybody is excited to have one these days, The Mini Segway! So, welcome home a super coolest and exciting Mini Segway that just not make your home look stylish having one but adds fun in your life without having to move one foot. It has come all around the world and so as in Nepal.

Mini Segway is the two wheeled self balancing electronic scooter which is also called hover boards. It is without handles and is nothing short of a gimmick. The electronic scooter is not some slow and boring regular scooter that you need to steer with your hands or sometimes leg. It’s fun and durable machinery that anybody and any age above 4 years old can get on and enjoy instantly. It can be charged by using a common plug. It can move a long distance immediately after charging for a couple of hour.

Celebs like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa are also seen posting videos and pictures of moving hover boards and having fun. This may be the reason behind the growing popularity of Mini Segway.

Electronic Hover Boards are super fast and it doesn’t even require more than 30 minutes learning moving. It can move around in any path or course, forward or backwards. It can hold maximum weight load of 120kg. To detect the body weight of a rider, The Mini Segway has gyrospic receptors and fluid-based sensors. It has small wheels that work in the same manner as legs do in humans. Just like the brain does, the Mini Segway acknowledges you are angling onward and for sustaining balance it turns the wheels with just the right traction to move him or her frontward.


The automatic scooter is also available in Nepal. Traffic polices are seen riding the scooter on facebook and other social medias. Mini segway is up for sale in different online stores and one can directly order it from the facebook. Depending upon the size and the carrying capacity of the scooter, its price ranges from 45000-50000.


Words-Bina subedi


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