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At Vaccarello, Natural Looks — and a Devilish Edge

Paris, March 1, 2016: “We’ve been working the past few seasons to create little details that make a girl who’s very unique and very Vaccarello,” said the makeup artist Tom Pecheux, backstage at Anthony Vaccarello’s fall/winter 2016 show earlier today. To wit, the designer’s runway featured a parade of natural, effortless-looking beauties — and three devilish angels (or angelic devils — Pecheux couldn’t decide).

His vision for the look was a clear one, though. To achieve it, Pecheux applied a combination of two liquid foundations to each model’s face — one matte, one more dewy — for a clean complexion that didn’t look too covered up. He then applied a highlighting cream-colored eye shadow to the lids (L’Oreal’s Color Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Paris Beach), as well as a soft shade of peachy pink color to the lips (he recommends Matte Max Lip Pen in Silencio, also by L’Oreal). All this lent a rather cherubic effect to the models’ faces, further underscored by the contrast of his twinkle-eyed bad girls. For those glammed-up three, Pecheux cut rhinestone earrings into pointed shapes, which he glued at the corner of each eye. “They look like a wing,” he said. He then outlined the eyes with a blend of matte and gel eyeliner, followed by a thick stroke of eyeliner pen — all black.

For hair, Anthony Turner referenced a trend that started in New York this season and has been picking up traction ever since: favoring individuality over consistency from look to look. His goal today was to emphasize each model’s natural texture, and let her locks shine on their own — literally. Hair was washed and shampooed, then dried with minimal product to create a natural-looking sheen versus an over-shellacked one. A bit of mousse and some light spritzes of L’Oreal Clay-to-Spray dry shampoo were used to give the hair a bit of lightness and “optimism,” he said, before he left to ready the models with one last touch: a spontaneous-feeling low-ponytail-meets-half-bun. For authenticity’s sake, it was something Turner said he could only get right in the rush of those final few minutes.