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Food on the go!!!!


No time? No problem. Don’t want to wait around in a restaurant waiting for your food to arrive? Cannot find the perfect list of food-on-the-go in the internet suitable to Nepalese context? Worry not. Here’s our rendition of food-on the-go list, you might even find your favourite snack in here. Take a look.

       1. Hard Boiled eggs


They are counted as one of the most nutritious food.  As an animal source of protein, eggs provide all of the essential amino acids, which make them a high-quality source of protein. Also they are filling and can be carried shelled or packaged. You can just prepare and store it in advance and pop them whenever you get hungry in a rush. And one more amazing thing about it? It comes with its own packaging.


      2. Wholegrain cookies

We’ve heard enough about how whole grain is far better than refined flour. And a whole lot of us have had the experience of getting full after two digestive cookies. So yes, these make for an amazing food on the go. It’s easy to find, cheap and two or three pieces keeps you full for long.  Also there is so much variety in flavours.


     3. Dried fruits and nuts

Nuts are great for on-the-go because they are easy to carry and they have a long shelf life. There is so much to choose from kind of like one for every mood. They pack so much energy and a handful makes you full even though they’re tiny. Available almost everywhere, they make a great snack and food on the go.


     4. Fruits

Fruits are the perfect snack and a way you can indulge in your sweet tooth without ruining your diet. Medium sized fruits like apples, bananas, oranges and pears can be carried around easily and just one or two is filling enough. Or you can even prepare a fruit bowl by mixing up various fruits and carry it in your lunch package. They serve an array of health benefits. You can even throw some pieces in your cup of Dahi.


     5. Fruitcakes

Fruitcakes are another packaged product that is easily available and they’re another favourite Nepali tea time snack. Either a four pieces package for one or the one with decent amount that can be shared, although not so healthy, they in fact beat the hunger in a hurry.


      6. Puffs

Puffs are one of the classic Nepali snacks and that we cannot risk not mentioning in our list. It goes so very well with tea and also obviously as this list demands, easily available. Do not mind the mess you make when you’re munching on this, but how can you not like the crunchy, buttery, flaky, crispy goodness of it.


       7. Nemkeen



Salty as the name suggests, this is the most easily available and filling snack around. Made with Four and fried in oil, Nemkeen is one of the most energy giving food that fills your belly. While you’re in a hurry, don’t ever forget to visit a local shop and ask for Namkeens, chances are you’ll get them in almost every shop you ask.


       8. Dahi:


The most common and the most effective desert is a package of energy. Healthy, filling, you name it! This protein and calcium rich snack is also the perfect way to battle heat. Best served chilled, you can find this food in a surprisingly small packet. But don’t worry, this will help you for hours. Go to a dairy or a local store or a department store, this snack will be ready for you.


       9. Popcorns

Packed with protein, phosphorous and iron than eggs or spinach, this is the perfect food on the go. This sugar-free, fat-free and very low calorie food is your best friend even if you’re on a diet. This versatile snack is available either salted, sweet or even in different funny flavours to match your taste without ruining your diet.


       10. ChauChau/Instant noodles

Forget the Cup-noodles, forget the ramen, every Nepali is obsessed with ChauChau. A legend in ‘food on the go’ category, we couldn’t just skip it. A claim of being healthy and almost available in every dark corner in every small alley, this snack is a hero! Filling, cheap, very widely available in different flavours, this will help you in your time of need.