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2nd International Youth Exchange Conference

2nd International Youth Exchange Conference

Kathmandu, March 23 2018:  Aakar Nepal, with the help of local collaboration from NARGAN (Social Entrepreneurs Club) Reinstalling Hope, Northern light Academy of Aviation and Technology (NAAT) and Universal Peace Foundation is organizing its 2nd international Youth Exchange Conference (IYEC) 2018 in Kathmandu Nepal from 8th of May to 12th of May 2018 with its motive of “Entrepreneurship, growth and Competitiveness.”

International Youth Exchange Conference is welcoming National as well as International applicants with a motive to support the aspiring youth, leaders, budding entrepreneurs in the world by giving them the tools and methods they need in their work for a sustainable and peaceful society.

In the conference, Young leaders and budding entrepreneurs would get chance to participate in different types of workshops, meet key policymakers and interact with young people driving change around the world. Also during the conference creative workshops with a paper presentation of delegates and resources persons, entertainments like co-operative games, action-based activities, volunteer action and building cross-cultural relations will be the main motive. Cultural performance regarding different cross-cutting issues will be also shown to promote cultural diversity among the participates.

This program will bring around 45 or more participants from Asia and develop and groom young minds for the future. International participants will be charged very little whereas Nepali participants do not have to pay to participate in this international program! It aims to spread entrepreneurial knowledge, leadership skills and motivate youths with the help of some well-known speakers

For more details: https://jumpshare.com/v/j5HGGOnYx3vPlXl2V23w