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3 Checkpoints To Check The Consumption Of Plastic Bags


Kathmandu, April16, 2015: Government has hired several units of spectators to watch over and prohibit the use of plastic bags in the capital city. The use of plastic bags has been banned since Baisakh 1.

The Ministry of Environment And Science has declared to request people to quit plastic bags, as a first step. If not obeyed, the second step would be a series of legal actions under the rule of environmental conservation.

According to vice director of Ministry of Environment, Surendra Subedi, there would be 3 checkpoints of the spectators along with the police to check the plastic bags.

Thankot, Saga and Pharping would be the three checkpoints to check the import of plastic bags inside the capital city. Moreover, there is also a ban declared to export the plastic bags outside the capital.

Government has also asked the co-operation of the people to help eradicating the harmful plastic bags from the city.

Plastic bags are one of the major causes of pollution in Kathmandu. As per the source, it was discovered that 70% of the waste disposal in Bagmati was plastic products, when the river was cleaned by a huge mass on Chaitra 28.


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