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3 things to remember when buying perfect heels


June 16, 2015: We all have been wearing same shoe size day by day. It is said that women’s feet constantly change due to ageing, weight gain or loss and pregnancy. This is why we need to switch over our shoe sizes and avoid few mistakes that women make when buying a perfect pair.
Here are some of the mistakes that ladies should avoid while buying a pair of shoes.

1. Buying shoes that do not fit now.

Always buy shoes that fit you now. Never follow the thinking that “they feel a little tight, but they’ll stretch…” especially when the heels are in sales. Don’t buy a pair of heels with the hope that they’ll fit in the future. Nine out of 10 times, they won’t, or at least not enough to make them really comfortable. Our one foot is always bigger than the other, so when buying shoes fit the shoe to your larger foot.

2. Buying heels in the morning.

The best shop time for you heels is towards end of the day, coz by the end of the day our feet swells. This will give you a truer fitting of the shoe by the end of the day.

3. Wearing heels for way too long.

Wearing heels for a long time is not good for your feet, neither on a short nor long term basis. But yes. Every lady wants to carry a heel for her best out day outfit. If you wear heels to work or on a night out, try to bring a comfortable pair of shoes along with you. Once you’ve finished at work or your event is over, swap those heels for a comfy pair of shoes.


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