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Some 300 Cambidian Buddhists Pray In Lumbini


Taulihawa (Kapilvastu), Nov 16, 2014 : Some 300 Buddhists who came all the way from Cambodia on Saturday offered their prayer in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.

The group of 300 Cambodian Buddhists also visited places as Tilaurakot, Nigrodharam, Gotihawa and the like related to the life of Lord Buddha and prayed ‘let peace befall in the world’

The Cambodians also prayed at the Cambodian temple within the Lumbini Mayadevi temple premises.

The founding Guru of the Combodian temple, Poi Meta, said that the group was very elated to visit the places related to the Buddha.

“But due to the narrow roads and partly damaged road to the Nigrodharam, the place where Budhha used to play, the group felt uncomfortable in the travel,” he shared.

He said that thousands of Buddhists Cambodians are willing to come and visit the birthplace of Buddha but due to the lack of proper facility of good road and other infrastructure, they may hesitate to come.

Legend has it that Lord Buddha, before breathing his last, said to his closest pupil, Ananda, “Hey Aananda, whoever follows me and my path, should once make it to any of the places among Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Saarnath and Kushinagar”.

Born in Lumbini some 2500 years ago, Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodhgaya, first taught his pupil in Saarnath and passed away in Kushinagar.

Besides Lumbini, all other places are situated in modern India yet visiting Lumbini, where the Light of Asia was born, has been an earnest wish of a true Buddhist.



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