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Chhakka Panjaa ‘to break the mould’

Dharan, August 10, 2016: Actors Deepashree Niraula and Deepak Giri travelled to Dharan on Monday on a promotional tour for the upcoming feature film, Chhakka Panjaa. The movie is based on the story of migrant Nepali workers.

Owing perhaps to the cultural significance the month of Shrawan carries, the actor duo were seen in saffron robes with the prayers of Lord Shiva labeled on it. During a short meet with the media in Dharan, they discussed the motifs of their upcoming release. The duo was last seen together on silver screen hits such as Wada Number Chha and Chha Ekaan Chha.

Speaking during the event, actor Giri said, “The comedy genre will always be popular no matter what. But the humour should capture the essence of the current time. With Chhakka Panjaa, we have tried to tell the story of migrant Nepali works; the story has been infused with bits of humour and satire.”

“While we have a trend to present the comedians in short roles in feature films, and with awkward dressing and pantomimes,” Deepak added, “We have tried our hand to push the comedy genre into the mainstream. We want to break the mould,” he said.

“Nepali moviegoers are gradually becoming more discerning of what kind of films they are watching,” said Deepak, “We hope the film will be able to thrill audiences in the cities and beyond.”

“Chhakka Panja is an ‘organic’ rendition of the Nepali reality,” said actor Niraula, “Although a comedy film at its core, it is not a comedy film for the sake of it; it also wants to render a message regarding the trend of Nepalis leaving for foreign employment.”

The movie is set to hit the screens on September 9.

By Pradeep Menyangbo