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3D Youth Leadership Training by SAATH Nepal


Nuwakot, September 27, 2015:“Dialogue, Debate and Discussion (3D) for youth Leadership” training workshop has been organized by SAATH Nepal in 6 different districts. The project reaches out to more than 180 youths in 6 different districts with 3D workshops.

SAATH Nepal has been organizing its training workshop in Kakani, Nuwakot from past four days with the young people aged between 18-29 years. A total of 24 Nuwakot youth has been going through this training from 21 – 24 of September, 2015.

The workshop aims to disseminate positive information that will sensitize youth on issues such as constitution, inter-caste marriage, and Gender based violence which are concerning issues in today’s context of Nepal, to educate the participants’ on these issues which are taking place in their community and assist them to become a leader in their community to bring social change, to encourage them to campaign on behalf of youth and vulnerable groups for the protection of their rights, and to instigate a sense of responsibility among the youth in civic issues to enhance their leadership.

The topics that this training workshop covers are: meaning of youth and leadership in the community, community mapping and issues identifying in the community, forming youth clubs and conducting youth led campaigns.

So far this program of SAATH has conducted the workshop in Pokhara and Dhading. After Nuwakot, SAATH has planned to conduct the same training workshop in Kavre.


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