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47-point Amendment Proposal Prepared By IPWA


Kathmandu, July 14: 47-point amendment proposal has been prepared by the Inter Party Women’s Alliance (IPWA) to enlist the women’s identity, equal representation and building an equitable society by establishing identity in the new constitution.

Discussion with women lawmakers of the Constituent Assembly (CA) regarding the amendment proposal was started by the Alliance. The Alliance chairperson, Shashi Shrestha, said that to give feedback on the issues of women at a time when the act of taking people’s feedback over the preliminary draft of new constitution is underway they have been mobilizing its district-based alliances.

40 per cent representation of women in federal provinces was the provision stressed by the amendment proposal and 50 per cent representation in local bodies should be guaranteed.

Similarly, voice was raised up mentioning that in the post of Speaker or Deputy Speaker, Constituent Assembly Chairman or Vice-Chairman and Mayor or Deputy Mayor there should be representation of at least a woman.

Moreover, lawmakers– Gaura Prasai, Rekha Sharma, Shiva Kumari Gotame, Anita Devkota, and Dama Sharma, among others expressed that for the amendment of the constitution to ensure the rights of women in the new constitution.the view that all women lawmakers should be united during the occasion.


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