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48 Schools In Crisis, Ilam


Ilam, Dec 3: Around four dozens of community schools in Ilam district are reeling under crisis due to deficit number of students.

Some 48 local primary schools have reached the verge of closure with sharp decline in the number of students. Each school has minimum four and maximum 200 students.

The District Education Ofice has said the ratio between teachers and students in the schools is not matching. It is learnt that there are three teachers to educate five students in Bhawani Primary School at Panchakanya of Suryodaya municipality.

Likewise, there are four teachers for seven students in Fikkal Ahale of the same municipality. “Number of teachers is seen high in proportion of students. We will transfer some teachers of schools having very low enrolment of students to other schools”, said District Education Officer Tanka Prasad Gautam.

We are trying to adjust posts as there is no proper proportion of number of teachers and students, he further said.

The statistics maintained by the District Education Office stated that less than 10 students are being taught in Siddhartha Primary School Sankhejung, Puwamai Primary School Sankhejung, Shanti Primary School Samalbung, Araniko Primary School Rakse and Laligurans Primary School Maimajhuwa.

The Education Regulation has clearly stated that there should be a teacher for 45 students. The Education Office, however, recommend for permission of arranging a teacher for minimum 23 students.

Such statistics in education sector is very disappointing and impractical, added Gautam. The schools with less number of students will be integrated and teachers’ quota will be increased in the schools having big number of students, he further said.



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