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50% Down On Corridor Production Of Morang-Sunsari


Pathari (Morang), May 29: The devastating earthquake has impact on the industrial output and trade where the production has slashed by 50 percent at the Morang-Sunsari Industrial Corridor.

The April 25 quake and its several aftershocks have had a debilitating impact on the trade with the capital’s market. The capital is the main importer of production as the corridor supplies over half its production there. Since most of the shops and business outlets are closed these days the capital-based markets are not placing orders for goods manufactured by different industries in the corridor these days.

Morang Industries’ Association President Shiva Shankar Agrawal saisd that as demand from the capital has almost gone down to zero level the corridor has no option except to cutting down the production. He further added that they have not received any order for supply from the capital after the disaster.

Worth rs.150 million was the business transactions in normal situations in a day before the quake hit the country. But now it remained totally closed for 15 days. Since, Sindhupalchowk, Dhading and Dolakha were worst-hit by the disaster, the corridor has lost its relations with business people in who were also the importers of its productions after the capital.


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