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50 Female Champions in Nepal make Gender Equality their priority


Kathmandu, July 12, 2016: A group of 50 Female Champions has been working on several projects promoting girls’ and women’s empowerment across different places in Nepal.

Supported by UNESCO, this unique group of women has been advocating to ensure quality education for all and has made gender equality its own personal priority.

For the same, UNESCO is reviewing the 50 Female Champions projects that are going to be kicked off in the near future. The projects are creative and have been strategically conceived to target the eradication of societal taboos concerning women in Nepal. Projects have the common objective to contribute to girls’ and women’s empowerment across the country.

Similarly, Female Champions representing different social and economic backgrounds have been trained in the many positive ways that women can lead and be agents for change within their own communities. For this, various workshops have been held over the past couple of months, focusing on the core strategies needed to raise awareness on the challenges women face, and send empowering messages across society.

“The 50 Female Champions have also created a series of posters containing catching phrases boosting self-confidence and encouraging women empowerment and will be distributed across Nepal,” said UNESCO in a statement.