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50 more outstanding youth join Teach For Nepal’s movement to end education inequity in Nepal


Teach For Nepal’s 2017 cohort will go above and beyond traditional expectations to help their students achieve academic success.

Kathmandu, February 9, 2017: Fifty more youths have joined the Teach For Nepal’s movement to end education inequality in Nepal. They were selected out of a total of 1215 aspiring candidates who had applied for the fellowship this year.

This fifth batch of cohorts of Teach for Nepal (TFN) fellows will practice teaching at the Kanti Bhairabh Secondary School, Nepal Rastra Nirman Secondary School, and Aananda Bhairabh Secondary School. They will work to increase the improve the academic performance of students in underserved communities across three districts – Southern Lalitpur, Sindhupalchowk and Dhanusa.

“This cohort will work together with the Fourth Cohort to impact more than 7,000 students in 2017 by channeling their talent and leadership skills to close the achievement gap between public schools and private schools,” said TFN in a statement.

Their classrooms impact will be primarily focused on accelerating their students in Mathematics, Science, and English. Beyond their classrooms, they will also take up the leadership challenge to work as community change agents and engage in diverse community initiatives.

The fellows recently went through an extensive training, preparing them with leadership skills they need during their Fellowship journey, informed Amrit Poudel, Teach For Nepal’s Curriculum Development Expert. “The session also provided them with an opportunity to gain Student-Centric Education to help make learning meaningful and lasting,” he added.

“Every year we look for individuals that can have a positive impact both inside and outside the classroom,” shared Jalan Maharjan, Teach For Nepal’s Leadership Development Manager. “The incoming cohorts are selected from an exceptionally qualified applicant pool and they have demonstrated strong academic performance and leadership skills.”

Beyond their Fellowship commitments, Teach For Nepal Alumni, who have already completed two years of their service are at the forefront of efforts to solve educational inequity. They are working full-time in various sectors including education as program managers, leaders, and coordinators.