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58 new water sources found at Chitwan


Ratnanagar, February 3, 2016: 58 water sources within the Park and buffer zone has been recently spotted by The Chitwan National Park (CPN) in Chitwan district.

38 water sources were found within the Park while 20 in the buffer zone, according to Ramchandra Kandel, Chief Conservation Officer at the CPN.

Five of the newly spotted water sources span over 10 hectares in area whereas 29 water sources measure within 10 hectares in area and rest span around one hectare, said Kandel.

According to Kandel, the wetlands spans 256 hectare in the Park.

Acknowledging the importance for wildlife and forest, conservation of the newly found water resources has been started by the Park.

According to the Park, the locals realizing the importance of the wetlands, wildlife to ecology, are also joining this effort.



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