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Wrapping up the EmpowHER Junior: The Last Session

EmpowHer Junior 5 - Glocal Khabar

It was the last session of our EmpowHer Junior. The session started with an energizer. Then two of us had to go for the mock interviews regarding our project while the others worked on their computer presentations and project proposals. This took quite long time but helped us clear our doubts and develop confidence for the upcoming pitching session.  

After the lunch, we discussed for the upcoming fundraising programme. While the planning of the program was going on, we went for the video shoot one by one in another room. We had to answer certain sets of questions in front of the lenses.

The questions were about the entire EmpowHer journey like our core values: empathy, confidence, and resilience. The questions could help us recall all the sessions of EmpowHer Junior. We realized how special all these weeks had become for us.

After the discussion and the video taking, we presented our pitch for the last time. As each minute passed, we were feeling sad that our final session was coming to end. Amuda Didi took our last session She shared us her story about how Ujyalo Foundation came into being. Her story was emotional and touching. ‘Dare to dream’,  this was her message to all the junior changemakers.

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Dreams can be worth trying for and maybe sometimes you should take risks for your dreams. Her session couldn’t have been better than this for us. We then received flowers and a notebook from Amuda Didi and took pictures with Yajaswi Didi.

We had a group picture with all of us present. After that our session came to an end where each of the change makers were hugging each other multiple times, taking photographs and promising to remain in contact. Many were laughing and smiling to hide the sadness for the moment. We cannot assure that we will remain in contact but the bond and memories we created will be cherished every time.

The program taught us many values and brought out a different empathetic, confident and resilient side in us and we will continue to pursue that side of us. After all, we are girls with grit.

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By: Aria Shree Parasai and Sandhya Tamang