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X- Preneur talk series concludes third session of entrepreneurial journey

X- Preneur talk series- Glocal Khabar

Kathmandu, February 12, 2018: Clock b Business Innovations has successfully organized the third session of ‘X-Preneur’ talk series on 11 February, 2018 at Kaffe Codes, Central Business Park in Thapathali. The talk series comprised of different sessions based on experience sharing, Q&A session, and informal sessions.

The event marked the presence of Sixit Bhatta, the CEO of Tootle, as the speaker and Suraj Raj Pandey, event and public relations manager of Clock b Business Innovations, as the moderator. As much as 30 participants got an insight of the entrepreneurial journey of the Tootle in the talk series.

 X- Preneur talk series1- Glocal Khabar

The key points discussed on the event were about the journey, challenges, opportunities, and plan of action. Similarly, Sixit also conversed on the freedom of mobility brought by e-commerce and the visions of talking startups out of Nepal. Furthermore, he added “Entrepreneurship is all about expressing yourself.”

The platform of X-Preneur is for the youths, students, business enthusiasts and fresh graduates. These aspirants gain an opportunity to interact, network and learn about the working entrepreneurs. X Preneur has been able to stand as a unique space as it not only invites entrepreneurs to share their success stories but to converse about the journey that has led them to the peak of success.