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6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Malaysia


June 5, 2015: A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck at a depth of 10 kilometres, with its epicentre located 19 kilometres from the town of Ranau and 54 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu in the district of Sabah.

Malaysia does experience earthquakes but is outside the Ring of Fire, a belt of seismic activity running around the basin of the Pacific Ocean that includes neighbors Indonesia and the Philippines.

Since due to the quake rockfalls had rendered at least one key descent route impassable authorities have ordered an estimated 200 climbers and at least 40 local guides to remain at the summit due to continuing danger from falling stones. According to local news reports, fire and rescue officials said that the climbers included both foreigners and Malaysians.

Tourism minister for Sabah state Masidi Manjun said on his Twitter feed that the force of the tremor was so strong that it snapped off one of the two “Donkey’s Ear” rock outcroppings that form a distinctive part of the peak’s craggy profile.There were no initial reports of damage and no tsunami warning was issued, US geologists said.


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