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6 Common Diet Mistakes That Prevent You From Losing Weight


Kathmandu, April 1,2016: At times following a bad diet can dent all that you are doing to lose weight. It takes hours of brisk walking to burn 500 calories but it only takes 30 seconds of eating to gain it back. Here are six common diet mistakes people make, that you should be aware of.

1. Ignoring fat is not a good idea: 

Fat may have been demonised, but by ignoring good fats is the worst mistake you can make. Naturally processed butter, avocados, coconut oil, few nuts and seeds provide healthy fats and are easy to burn. When we ignore fats, our body crave more for carbs which is certainly not a good idea if you want to lose weight.

2. Not a good idea to rely on energy bars:

While trying to lose weight it is important to snack healthy, satisfying and low calorie. If you are doing a rigorous workout make sure that you snack on real whole foods that are satisfying. Have bowl full of fruits, some nuts and sprinkle some low-fat cheese. Energy bars are usually filled with sugars that will leave you hungry and not satisfied.

3. You choose rewards unwisely:

If you walk an extra mile or burn calories beyond your target then don’t reward yourself at a pastry shop. Instead walk to your favourite pet shop or simply enjoy nature listening to your favourite songs. It is very important to find motivation to walk and not reward yourself with a high-calorie treat.

4. You’re confused about hunger:

It’s advisable to eat only when hungry, but at times we tend to indulge in emotional eating which is not a good idea. You might try to soothe your irritation with junk food, but try and stick to fibrous food and lean proteins like veggies, fruits, low-fat cheese, hummus and yogurt. These foods will help you fill up on fewer calories.

5. Not drinking enough water:

It is important to keep your body well hydrated, because when you are not hydrated your body confuses thirst with hunger. Also without enough water, nutrients don’t get absorbed properly and that’s when you start feel hungry even though you are not.

6. Your fridge and kitchen cabinet are full of unhealthy stuff:

If you haven’t eliminated junk and high-calorie foods from your home, you’ll reach for them and harm any gains you made in the gym. That is why it’s important to fill your kitchen with healthy options.