6-Point deal on Janakpur death case

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6-Point deal on Janakpur death case

Janakpurdham, 13 Jan 2015 : A six-point deal has been signed between the agitators and local administration to end the ongoing demonstration in Janakpur in connection with the death of Rajaram Jha.

As per the agreement, the local administration would take initiative to announce Jha as the martyr, give compensation to the deceased’s family members; and Jha’s widow would be given a job based on her qualifications, among others.

Currently, Jha’s body is taken to the hospital for postmortem. Earlier, police and youths clashed each other while taking Jha’s body to the hospital following the youths’ protest to the agreement.

The agitators set a motorcycle on fire. The police personnel had to lob tear gas shells, as the demonstrators hurled stones on the security personnel.

Jha died on Monday at Bamarpura chowk in Janakpur in course of the demonstration. Police has argued that heart attack caused Jha’s death but the demonstrators claimed that police beating was the cause.




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