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60 Sec. Intl Film Festival 2016 Concludes with Special Screening in Town


Kathmandu, May 25, 2016: 60-Second International Film Festival (60 SIFF) 2016 concluded in Nepal with successful organizing of Special Screening of movies on 24th of May, 2016 at the Cine-De Chef in Kathmandu. Open Space Nepal (OSN), Country Partner for 60 SIFF had organized the festival.

The screening took place in partnership with Morango Films, a film making company from Pakistan, the initiator of the festival that started in the year 2013. Thirty five minute-long movies produced on the prescribed themes such as peace, interfaith, water, creative, fiction, comedy, environment, democracy, innovation, ‘colors of your country’, conflict, and tolerance were screened this year.

Attended by personalities from different walks of life, the festival had screening of movies from 20 different countries, including Nepal, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Iran, Mexico, Afghanistan and USA.


The first movie in the screening portrayed the ground reality of the youths in Nepal. The film showed, after not getting any opportunities and getting rejected from a job, youths here are left with the only option to go abroad.

Another film from Nepal showed the impacts of social media like Facebook at the time of the great earthquakes acting as a platform for the youths to collect relief materials and distributing to the needy people. It also showed how some youths here are using social media to collect books to build libraries in the rural schools.

Meanwhile, a movie from Pakistan depicted how children are attracted towards education by showing a child utilizing the money he found on the road to buy educational materials.

The festival has been engaging upcoming artists/producers from all around the globe to exhibit their work on various socially driven issues mentioned above. The platform provides a knowledge field for the global youth to display their work by capturing the challenges of their societies.

Muhammad Saif, the Country Director of 60SIFF for Nepal and Creative Director of OSN shared that Creativity has no limitations. “Young people can use 60 Second Films as a tool to advocate and promote citizen journalism. And, at OSN, we believe that youths are the people who can make a difference,” said he.

Giving concluding remarks and vote of thanks to all the supporters in the event, Faija Parween, Chairperson at OSN, said that they will be back next year with the festival with varieties of films imparting valuable messages to the youths today.

Previously, OSN had conducted a VIP screening of the films on 20th of May.

Photos Courtesy: Reel Photography