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600 households spend sleepless night fearing flood


Pathari, Sept. 16: As many as 600 households of Kerabari-7 in Morang district are forced to spend sleepless night fearing the flood in the village.

A local Muga river is eroding the land in the east of the village thereby panicking the people. “We’re under threat at every moment, because a branch of the river was near the village and it can swell and inundate the village at any time,” said Madhukar Rai of Kerabari-7.

After the river changed its course, people are extremely worried over their settlement.

“When there is heavy rainfall in the hilly region, trepidation mounts- we will be swept away,” said another local Chintamani Guragain.

They had made efforts to control the rowdy river but the torrential rain in the hilly area quickly devastated their efforts, he added.

As the Muga river entered into the village by breaching the embankment in the eastern side, the people of 600 families from Kerabari-6 and 7 have no option but to live with fear- the fear of flood and loss of life.



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