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Schools in Madi to be merged for better education


Kathmandu, May 29, 2018: Schools in Madi, Chitwan are to be united to overcome the disproportion of teacher-students’ ratio and also for management of poverty and infrastructures. To provide quality education to the locals of Madi, the municipality has decided to merge.

According to Thakur Prasad Dhakal, Mayor of the municipality, 11 community schools are to undergo the merge as a trial out of 45 community schools. Rest of those schools will be merged if the trial goes well, Mayor stated.

For the improvement of quality education in Madi municipality, the office have separated twelve and half million rupees for the current fiscal year. The budget also includes free counselling services and tuition classes for the students passing grade ten.

According to the mayor, around 1.3 million rupees have already been invested for that purpose. Rest will be used for infrastructural development of the schools in Madi, he further explained.

In the municipality; there are 21 primary schools, eight lower secondary schools, four secondary schools and only two schools provide higher secondary education. According to Tanka Neupane, the municipality has given a high priority to few schools which provide vocational education and also is aware of schools for different-abled students.