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67 minutes to mark the 100th birth date of Nelson Mandela


Kathmandu, July 19, 2018: Rotaract Club of Patan in joint collaboration with Rotaract Club of Dombivli Mid-town Youth on Wednesday conducted an event at Boudhik Apangata Punarsthapana Kendra, Imadol, Lalitpur. The event was organized to mark the 100th birth date of Nelson Mandela as a tribute to his 67 years of contribution to the community.

The event was to spend at least 67 minutes of time to give something to our community. It is an organization run privately for mentally challenged children so that they can be rehabilitated. The children there are provided a homely environment and are involved in different recreational and therapeutic sessions for their improvement. The event took an emotional turn when they got to see the challenges those children face everyday.

Urmila K.C, the founder of Boudhik Apangata Punarsthapana Kendra said, ” I myself being a mother of an autistic child, know the struggle of having a child like him. The society being so much educated still considers them an outlaw. The people still consider mental disability is something to not talk about and keep hidden “. She also talked about how she has run the organization and how they cope up with the children there. Different individuals and organizations have contributed in successful running of the center and have been making timely visits to ensure the children’s well being.

Peshal Bhattarai, President of Rotaract Club of Patan also shared what he feels could be done in this context from our level as well as from local level not only for financial support but also to spread awareness that mental disability is nothing to be ashamed of and it is an issue to freely talk about so that we can make our society a better place for them to live in.
The children openly participated in the art, game and musical sessions conducted yesterday. Everyone showed their interests for participation in activities they liked. There were 10 rotaractors present in the event. The event was coordinated by club’s International Service Director Kritika Sharma.