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8 Similarities In People Who Are More Intelligent Than Average


December 4, 2015: Different studies carried out at different times and locations showed that smarter people generally have some similarities with other smart people. However, that does not mean those who have these characteristics are smarter than average. The studies show correlations not causations, between intelligence level and certain traits.

Oldest Child


According to a study conducted in 2007, owing to the family dynamics and psychological factors, oldest child grow up to be more intelligent.




Thin does not refer to skinny but factually a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. In a 2006 French study, it was seen that obese people remembered 44% of the words in a vocabulary while thinner people could remember 56%.



A Princeton study showed that even before children are even schooled, taller children are seen to be performing significantly better on cognitive tests compared to shorter ones.

Left handed


Research by Stanley Coren, from University of British Columbia, suggested that left handedness is related to ‘divergent thinking’. Divergent thinking is thinking in an unusual and not stereotyped way, for instance, to generate several possible creative ideas from a prompt.

Own Cat


Results of a 2014 study showed that people who own cats tend to be the more intelligent ones in the group.

Took Music Lessons


Children aged between 4-6 years who took music lessons showed increased verbal intelligence after a month; according to a study conducted in 2011.

Used Recreational Drugs


A 2012 survey found out that higher IQ in childhood is correlated to embracing harmful activities in adulthood, which refers to higher IQ being related to trying recreational drugs.

Doesn’t Smoke


20,000 young men smoking for 18-21 years were surveyed in an Israeli research in the year 2010, and the results showed that smokers had an average IQ of 94 while non-smokers had average IQ of 101.

Source: Business Insider

By: Sumayea Binte Shafiul, 

Reporter of Glocal Khabar, Bangladesh


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