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9 Killed In Education Ministry Attack By Somali Shebab


Mogadishu, April 14, 2015: Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab did a blast into the higher education ministry with a car bomb before attacking the building that killed 9 people.

According to police and witnesses, the car bomb caused a huge explosion which allowed the gunmen to enter and attack into the protected building.”1 policeman and 8 civilians were killed in the attack, and 12 others were wounded including a senior education ministry official.” said police officer Mohamed Dahir.Dahir also added, “Police reclaimed control of the building after around an hour-long attack, which began when a car loaded with explosives rammed the gate.”

“There were several people lying dead at the scene.” as told by witness Idil Malim.

The building is in the K5 district of the capital, which has been attacked serially in recent months. The Shebab rebels started frequent attacks in the capital as part of their fight against the country’s internationally-backed government


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