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90,000 US Employees Wages to be raised by McDonalds


April 2, 2015:McDonalds, the fast-food giant says it will raise 90,000 US employees wages to at least $1 above the legal minimum wage. Apparently,the wage rate is $7.25 (£4.90) an hour.

This decision of McDonald’s is said to benefit staff at company owned outlets about 10% of McDonald’s 14,000 US restaurants.Similarly follow one by retailing giant Walmart.

As per the new policy it will be paid more than $10 per hour by 2016 said by the firm to employees.

The minimum wage have been demanded to be raised by $15 per hour by the Fast food workers across the US.In many US cities the strikes and protest are held by the workers. Likewise one examiner said that this decision could help balance the cost of the wage rise for the parent company.

Richard Adams, a former McDonald’s franchisee told that,”They’ll try to makeup this as kind, but they’re increasing their corporate income by doing this. It’s not as nice as it sounds.”

The company royalties are paid on the basis of sales by McDonald’s franchisees.Franchisees who run around 90% of outlets set their own pay and benefits but this could immediate some of these to improve their own terms.

Also McDonald’s new chief executive, Steve Easterbrook, said that  the company had listened to their employees and announced to introduce personal leave pays and financial assistance for completing their education alongside a wage rise.


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