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9th session of EmpowHER 2018


Kathmandu, July 24, 2018: 9th session of EmpowHER 2018 took place on Saturday, 21st July. Tsering Dolma Shyangba, rapporteur of the previous session, reflected back on the previous session on Mitini Exchange Programme and its learning.The morning was energetic as it got fun with the energizer by Sumi Limbu followed by the session responsibility handover for the day. I was the session representative for the day.

The session started with Anugya Koirala,14, alumni of EmpowHER Junior 2017 who talked about her winning project “Prabhav” that aimed to make schools sanitized for both girls and boys through creative methods. Her project focused on sanitation, environment, hygiene and cleanliness of toilets. She shared about her transformation journey from a shy, nervous and insecure person to a mature one by overcoming her insecurities and embracing herself with strength and strong identity.Changemakers too talked about their fear and ways to deal with it.

A token of love was handed over to Ms. Shivani Neupane, co-founder and president of Working As Angels(WAA). The team had conducted a session on reusable pad making during Mitini Exchange Programme last week.

We then had Atulya Pandey, co-founder of US based company PageVamp, as our guest for the session. He facilitated us about why it is important to have a strong virtual presence at present time and how to leverage facebook so that we can benefit from it. PageVamp, winner of Hackathon and innovative use of facebook award, is the online platform that simplifies the process of website making connected to facebook page. Mr. Atulya taught the changemakers to create the facebook page and build website and connect both so that when facebook page is updated, website also get updated automatically. He focused on alleviator pitch by including one liners. He spoke on how often times it is important to spend 20% of resource in selling the product and 80% resource on increasing the brand awareness to engage and generate the interest in audience.

As the hour passed, Ms.Amuda Mishra, founder of Ujyalo Foundation, conducted sessions on Effective Communication. She enlightened us about the introspective ways of communication and why we should not question someone else’s life experience rather appreciate and embrace the opinion with open mind for the betterment of the journey called life. She spoke on 4 pillars of effective communication i.e. assumption,perception, active listening and feedback or follow up. Changemakers reflected on active listening by performing activities. She summed up the session by saying how we should lower our assumption by going into responsive feedback mechanism and not take information as per our convenience despite starting from any place at any time. She also cleared us on how our perception should be wider and and deeper and we should learn to contest our perception by realizing our biased nature. Lastly, she emphasized on increasing the capacity of active listening and how feedback needs to be consistent so we should ask question and not assume.

After lunch, Ms. Amuda continued with the 2nd part of session on effective communication where we got an understanding on effective writing and use of Power of 3 and its technicalities while pitching our ideas. The session was mainly focused on making easier patterns in 3 pointers by picking 3 best information that we want to impart at any time to better our pitch. Changemakers were able make pitch more thematic and easier to remember for audience as well as ourselves by fact checking the data and using own narrative in call for action. Changemakers learnt about 3Ps, i.e. Practice, Prepare and Personalize. She helped us understand the DOs and DON’Ts while pitching and maintaining eye contact.

The last session of the day was on Emotional Intelligence that was again taken by Ms. Amuda Mishra. The session focused on self assessment, self regulation, compassion and empathy, relationship management and effective management. Changemakers tracked their emotional journey of last five years. We learnt how to control our emotion and be aware about others’ emotion to understand each other better. We got an idea that we have to discover the mechanism that will help us to keep ourselves emotionally intact.

At last, we did our evaluation of the day as usual. We ended our session on positive note where we reflected on successfully conducting Mitini Exchange Programme and learnt the beautiful lesson that we shouldn’t challenge the capacity of people because we can do anything if we come together to contribute equally and work as a single unit.

BY: Sarita Singh, Changemaker of EmpowHER 2018