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A Idea to Meet the Demand of Errands: Team Dailo, Winner of Hult Prize KU


Team Dailo consisting Ipsha Sharma, Meena Sherpa, Barun Pandey and Anup Sedhai as the active member pitched their idea about sending errands to complete the jobs of different individuals who aren’t able to do it personally because of their unfavourable situation and hectic schedule. The team came up with this idea to achieve an ultimate aim to create employment opportunities to the local youth.

As the name ‘Dailo’ suggests the doorstep of the visiting home, the team’s core idea is to meet the demand of errands in the market and generate both full-time and part-time for the youths. The team has been already working with this idea before participating in the Hult. However, Hult has provided the opportunity to reach their idea to the possible stakeholders and winning the contest has been a cherry on the top to pitch their idea in the international platforms.

Currently, the team is planning to participate in Singapore for the regional finals.The team states “ Today’s corporate and personal life has become more scheduled because of which, individuals are piled up with many works to be done in a specific periods. But there are times when these people are not able to complete their jobs due to some time-management problems. So, we have traced this problem as an opportunity to create job opportunities to the youth who will do the same works indeed and earn for their living.”

Dailo is an idea to send their employees (errands) on the behalf of their customers and get their job done. In order to assure confidentiality and security, the startup will make the errands to sign the contract form regarding the non-disclosure of any information and about 5 percent of the payment will be invested on the insurance of the commodities that need to be delivered. The services can be provided by the people with every possible degree of education, hence offering jobs to larger segment of youths, especially students in the society. The other objective of the idea is to save time and provide convenience to the customers at the reasonable price that is calculated on the basis of time taken and distance travelled. The team also mentioned that right now, they are rendering the services individual to individual.

However, in a long run, the team is hopeful to render the services business to business. In order to expand their startup, the team is also planning to give various information session about Dailo, focussing on the college students to inform how they can work for few hours and still earn money. Team Dailo won the KU Hult Prize on December 12, 2018.

The ‘on-campus event’ is the quarterfinal round of the Hult Prize 2019 and the winners get direct qualification to the “Regionals Event” which will be happening at 26 different cities all over the world. Out of 56 teams as participants, Team Dailo was declared as a winner by a panel of 12 judges. Student entrepreneurs were asked to create viable startup centered on the theme of the Hult. The team Dailo will be participating in regional competition of Hult and pitch their ideas.