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A letter to ……………


Dear friend,

I am worried about something – about how much we misjudge, misapprehend and get the wrong idea about our opposed situation where we failed to understand each other. Have you ever thought about it? Why do we feel so distant even when we sit next to each other?

Recently, I was wondering about the fluctuation in our relation. I was thinking about the ample of times where we fought within a month, the reason for each conflict, our reaction in each situation and building pattern of our relation. Sorry to say dear, I found it ridiculously annoying when I got the answer to each question. How could we just fight in such a pointless topic? The aggregated reason for it was ‘Time’. Yes, it is just one word ‘Time’. It sounds completely funny when I say it. However, it is supernatural fact for our war of feelings. Have you ever wondered about it? There were a number of times when you sought me to share your feelings and I used to be so busy and vice-versa. Neither me nor you, it was the emotional bonding that we searched in each other. Isn’t it interesting when we turn our pages? Finally, I solved the mystery of our conflict. Don’t you think that I deserve an award? Dear, it was not us who chose it. Our situation brought us here.

We failed to say sorry and failed to express what we felt for each opposed situation. Sometimes I shouted at you, and so you did. Our egos were lighting fire to burn our relation into flame. We did not even realize that we were hurting each other in an innocent way. There were many times I felt restless when you were so busy within your own world. However, you were so preoccupied that I got replaced by your other friends which I hated the most. Sometimes, I wanted you to be close to me, meanwhile, at other times, push you far away. Indeed, I forgot to say sorry for my fault and expected you to say sorry in your fault. Maybe I expected a lot from you to stand for the given title of “best friend forever”. I know you have stood for that many times and struggled several times for us, maybe I have too. I feel that we had more expectations and less quality time to spend together, that brought us here.

I hope you understand me. I am still the same person who loves to argue with you, sing in the road, and share each and every detail of my day. Though you hate to eat Panipuri, but I still do love it.

Your friend,


By Gauri Singh Rajdhami