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A perceptive leader: Ritu Singh Vaidya


Mrs.Ritu Singh Vaidya is the Managing Director at United Traders Syndicate Pvt Ltd (UTS), authorized dealer of Toyota vehicles for Nepal.

One of the few prominent women in the auto-industry of Nepal, the beautiful Mrs. Vaidya is much more than a magnetic personality. She has now climbed up the ladder towards a leading position in one of the leading business houses of Nepal, Vaidya’s Organization of Industries and Trading House (VOITH). At present, she is completely looking after UTS and its divisions that deal in Toyota and heavy equipment.

Mrs. Vaidhya always dreamed to set up her own business although she was at the pinnacle of her modelling career. She believes destiny took her into the world of modelling. Vaidhya became the fifth runner up in Miss World, the second runner up in Miss Asia World and the first runner up in Miss India Universe

She ventured into fashion designing and worked as a fashion designer for seven years after she moved to Nepal and also engaged in her business project, Spa Prana. She released an album, ‘Sun Zara’ and appeared in her album’s music videos as well. A strong believer in destiny, Vaidya is very satisfied with what life has brought to her. She takes her life as it comes and is ready for wherever it leads to.