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A Positive Change in My Life


Change is actually good for us in both our personal and professional lives since it makes us more flexible, exposes us to new experiences and people, and opens up the doors to more opportunities. Changes are inevitable parts of human life. Transformation, changes, hopes and challenges make our life exciting and worth living. Some changes are unexpected while some are long-expected and meant to bring something good for us. Often changes define who we are and put us in situations we either find very challenging or favourable.

No doubt, we all go through some kind of changes in our lives at some points of our life one way or another. While some of those changes may go unnoticed, others can bring some positive changes in our life.

I would like to talk about one such positive change. I had developed many hobbies in my life, but “reading” was just not one of them. Of course, I had no problems whatever in studying all kinds of academic books to pass the exams at schools and colleges, but when it came to studying anything else, like storybooks, novels, or books on science, technologies, improving life skills and knowledge, I would become one of the laziest person.

My parents even sometimes used to bribe to develop my reading habit, but nothing was really able to change my mind. But suddenly, one day, when it was the last year of my school life about 4 years ago, one of my favourite teachers asked me to suggest some interesting books to read, while he would be gone for summer holidays, I had no clue what to tell. Understanding my awkward situation, my teacher smiled away while I felt really embarrassed. After that incident, I decided to buy some books and started reading them one page at a time. Slowly after that, I actually became addicted to reading some specific kinds of books. At one point, I even started to struggle to pay for the books I was buying, because they were just so many.

Anyway, I am so glad that I started reading books as it gave a certain kind of confidence boost by teaching me a lot of unknown and amazing things about this world. Besides, after developing my reading habit, I gained a great level of understanding and appreciation for different kinds of people from different cultures, lifestyles and backgrounds. Finally, this particular change even helped me in developing my career.

At this stage of my life, I still think about this change and find it fascinating and inspiring, especially the way I had been able to handle it. It was indeed a very significant change that brought positive outcomes in my life.

  • Ayush Acharya