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A present scenario of Government Jobs in Nepal


Civil service ordinarily encompasses those branches of public service on all governmental administrative functions excluding the armed services. A rigorous system of appointing employees based on merit makes this service impartial and trustworthy.

Entering into the service, the employees are endowed with various benefits, including scholarship opportunities, paid leave and pension among others. With a defined career path providing ample exposure to professional development, there is plenty on offer for the deserving candidate.

Nepal is one among the world nations with majority youth population. Given this fact, the country has always been open for wide range of opportunities, investment and proposals from foreign nations. All is to ensure better livelihood and career opportunities for its young citizens.

Besides, Nepal as a fast-developing country also presents scope for enormous employment opportunities across its various sectors including government and private sectors undergoing fast-paced development.

Although younger generation has least interest in government jobs still there is a large crowd who is aspiring for it. In the case of Nepal, there is a general tendency among the graduates to fight for government jobs. Career in the Nepalese Government sector is one of the most sought after career paths in Nepal. Every year, thousands of prospects compete for government jobs to secure their living.  Government jobs are inclined for their dependability and reliability together with massive financial advantages as a whole.

Thereby, the means to acquiring a government job is getting tougher and tougher and people are shifting to the corporate world, in search of a means of livelihood. Aspiration for government jobs are mainly in lower middle class and middle class. The most preferred standpoint of the government work is professional stability. Most of the candidates aspiring to work in govt. sector believe that the payment and other benefits in the Govt sector is good.

Having said that, a group of talented young people are still reluctant to join government service. Even though they are aware about the benefits of a government job, they don’t consider it a career option.

Despite the fact that a government job provides an opportunity to directly contribute to nation-building and socio-economic transformation, the charm is fading especially among the urban youths.

While young people are looking for opportunities to contribute to national prosperity through volunteerism, they are unwilling to join hands with the public agencies for the purpose. While it’s crucial for a nation to attract creative young minds into this service, it’s equally important to create an environment of credibility and trust among the young people to motivate them to be an integral part of the public system. As a matter of fact, there are multitude of factors that discourage the talented youths to join government service.

However, the craze of governmental jobs is increasing in the context of our country. The government regularly opens seats for many government employees yearly, and the excessive number of applicants are willing to work for the country. Not just the job applications, the institutions who runs Public service courses are also in a huge profit as large numbers of applications are being received. The main reason behind large number of youth interested in government jobs is due to facilities and job security they receive. Government jobs are considered prestigious jobs and the value of these jobs can be protected only if we discourage corruption. Public service employees must have that sense of responsibilities upon the nation and the people they serve. If government jobs can be systematic, it will catch the attraction of youth in days to come and the number of youths going foreign countries will decline slowly and gradually.

To sum up, the Government job is considered as one of the safest and high paying job here in Nepal. Each year thousands of youths compete in a rigorous examination every year conducted by Public Service Commission to get Government Jobs.

  • Swikriti Thapa