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A Student Invented Autonomous Drone


April 7, 2015: Student of computer engineer ,17 year old Yogesh Ojha from dhankuta-7, santinagar has named his invention Autonomous Drone. He experimented his invention at his school Aishwarya from he had passed his SLC 2 years ago.ago. Ojha spent about 80,000 for his invention.He said that he had been researching lot more so that he can meet his aim that is to land his invention to kathmandu with a pilot.

The young boy launched his invention in the presence of  captain Bedh Upreti who had been prasikhyak pilot from Indonesia and in a mass of hundred of student at his school premises.

Upreti mentioned that it is the kind of model that America had invented 4 years ago which is used to carry of 20/25 kg load by pizzas. In order to make it more stable scientist have been researching on it.

Ojha recently is studying computer engineer from Bangalore and he discovered the cargo while he was at his home during his vacations.

“when he was at class 2 exposing and repairing the National Panasonic radio was a matter of sadness for me but today i am proud of my son”, said Khagendra Ojha, father of Yogesh Ojha who is also a teacher by profession at Panchodaya school.

His mother also added that she never have imagined his son could invent such miracle. She also said that he was always a talent kid and is very happy with his progress.

“Education is not only about learning but also about implementing”,said Dharmadev Bhatta, ojha’s Teacher.he also added parents should never load their choice of study to their children but should let them free make their own decisions regarding their studies.

Here is the video of his invention being experimented!


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